Night lighting in Moscow

Night lighting in Moscow

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Night lighting in Moscow is not inferior to the level of world megacities. At night, the city is lit by brand new colorful spray of light. You can endlessly discover new places and picturesque views. Today, people cannot even imagine how they used to live without light and a variety of amenities. Time moves forward and new standards of life are steadily following it, supplementing our world with new and new paintings. Such an amount of light requires the consumption of a huge amount of electricity. Looking at old films and photographs, it is hard to believe how far Moscow has stepped forward compared to the beginning of the last century. Humanity is developing steadily and new needs are emerging.

How much is a funeral in Moscow?
The price may depend on different wishes. Our experts will help you choose the right option. We have tariffs for organizing funerals in Moscow and the Moscow Region ranging from 23,400 rubles to 255,550 rubles.
Prices are not final and may be negotiated.

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Горслужба «Ритуальная Служба ~ РИТУАЛСЕРВИС Москва и МО» работает на основании законов: Федеральный закон № 8 ФЗ от 12 января 1996 года «о погребении и похоронном деле», Закон города Москвы № 11 от 4 июня 1997 года «О погребении и похоронном деле в городе Москве». Наши услуги соответствуют ГОСТ Р 54611-2011.

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